The following is a translation of a sheet that has the Sotomayor coat of arms (my motherís coat of arms). It is titled Sotomayor. There is a coat of arms for the Mendez clan but I last saw it in a Spanish encyclopedia. It has little castles in it.

             In the year 698 there were two brothers, Arias Fernandez and Sorred Fernandez. They were the sons of Fernando, the founder of Eris castle in the estate of Saavedra, and his wife Ildaura, the lady of Arias Castle. According to the description of Mr. Pellicer in his work Memorial to the house of Saavedra, Sorred unfortunately killed a young lad, Legica, during a hunt. Legica was brother to Pelayo and son of Sir Favila Duke of Cantabria in Galicia. Sorred went to the Gothic King Witiza, gave him his sword expecting the King to slay him, but King Witiza pardoned him because he had hate towards Sir Favila (Sir Favila was a cousin of Witiza) and because he loved the wife of Sir Favila, Ildaura. (Years later Witiza had Sir Favila killed.) Witiza then married Sorred with Teresa, sister of the dead boy, Legica and Pelayo. Later Pelayo became the King of Galicia and won the first battle against the Moors in 711 A.D. Sorred established the castle in Aldea of Trodia and started the house of Sorred and later started the surname of Sotomayor. (Sotomayor was the physical location of his castle). From this ancestor came the Counts of Belalcazar, the Dukes of Behar, and the Counts of Cambia. Cristobal de Sotomayor, Count of Cambia inherited the Title of Count. He became the second governor of Puerto Rico in 1510 A.D. He founded the town of Sotomayor, which today is called Aguada. His offspring were the Marquis of Villahermosa, Marquis of Tenorio, Viscount of Crecent, and others of noble blood. (The next sentence I canít figure out). Regarding the houses of Saavedra and Sotomayor, there is this very ancient verse:

We shall see that these two houses are brotherly

Which are Saavedra and Sotomayor

One of which gave a disastrous end to the infant of the realm

Later had their faults pardoned

For heroic and shrewd deeds whereby its bands are in mourning

Leaving the other bands in gold.

The last two lines refer to the coat of arms. The coat of arms of Sotomayor has black bands (in mourning) and that of the Saavedra has golden bands, otherwise the design is identical.

 I think a more accurate translation would be (these are solely my [Michael Mendez] interpretation of the old saying)

There are two sister houses

They are Saavedra and Sotomayor

One had the younger prince of the realm

Who disastrously died at the hands of the other.

Much later their guilt was pardoned

Because of the hateful acts and shrewd deeds

His bands are forever in mourning

His brotherís bands are golden.