Lineage of the Mendez Family


This is the lineage of the Mendez family as far as I can figure out. If you have information to add to or correct, please contact me at


The following information was researched by Carlos Soto.


I found the info in the "Registro Civil - Selected Births. Nacimients Book 1-1885, transcribed by Edgar R.
Rivera-Ortiz (5/2/2005), SociedadENG.
Book 1 item 5.
Cesareo Gonzalez Mendez b. 25 Feb 1885, 
natural son of Zoilo Gonzalez Medina and Zenaida Mendez Caban.
Paternal grandparents: Ramon Gonzalez and Rita Medina
Maternal grandparents: Carlos Mendez and Juana Nepomucena Caban


If you can provide more information, please contact me.

Census records also show other Mendez Caban, but I have not been able to link them to Carlos and Nepomucena.


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